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First and Foremost, What is DRAFT?

DRAFT is a web technology company, we focus our efforts in WordPress hosting, Web Development and Cloud Management.


Managed WordPress?

Business owner have a lot on their plates, ideas, payroll timelines, cash flow issues, and so much more. Adding website and services issue to the mix, is the last thing any business owner wants.  DRAFT is here to fill that void. We can help any company navigate any possible issues, security, hacking, backups, recovery, and more. All this and we are still priced lower than having a person on staff or on call – We work as part of  your team, giving you peace of mind.


Cloud Technology?
We focus on what is commonly known as the LAMP (Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP/PYHTON/PERL) Stack, and we consider it out native environment. We are able to help our customers with server deployment, memcached setups, load balancer configuration, backup and recovery,system security, and much more. LAMP is something we know really well, as we are systems engineers and software developers by trade and education with many years of experience.


Managed Hosting?
We believe than wen can use our knowledge in the industry to help business kick-start their online presence or other online services. A few ours of our time and knowledge could save a company hours of labor and piles of money.


Do you host any application besides WordPress? 
Only if these applications were developed in house. In the future we will expanding into hosting Node.js and Magento, but for now we need to have a core. WordPress, Cloud Management (Linux Servers) and Web Development are our core business.


What type of development do you do?
Full blown and mobile ready websites to custom CRMs or any-other system the is based on the LAMP Stack. Our Latest custom software was a reporting online system using angular and a warranty tracker which saved our customer 7-8% of their annual revenue- that was a large chunk of change.


What about Cloud Management?
Many of our customer either have a managed server with us or have their own and we managed them and implement solutions based on customer business goals, for example:

  1. Database backups scheduling
  2. Load Balancer setups and configuration
  3. Apache server optimization for high-load
  4. MySQL Optimization – we base our performance tweaks on Percona Best Practices
  5. Analyze and assess security vulnerability code or service
  6. Nonitoring – Nagios, New Relic, InterMapper


We have been working with web technologies, systems, and services for a really long time. Our experience and knowledge has give us the opportunity to provide to our families as employees to other companies. Now, we want to expand and bring our knowledge and experience through DRAFT to new customer and friends. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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~Sergio Rodriguez – DRAFT Founder


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