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Goodbye RACKSPACE Hello Google Cloud

Posted by RWDH on 19 05 2018.

DRAFT Hosting - Bill Fish on Blue Water With Water Mark

After several years depending on RACKSPACE for hosting, DRAFT LLC, has moved away from their hosting for a more modern and flexible solution like Google Cloud. The decision was not taken lightly or without considering pros and cons, after all, customers reliable service is the utmost priority. As a small company, DRAFT LLC depends significantly on each client and works towards high client retention rate.

Aside from customer support, systems reliability is a reason for customers to stay with DRAFT LLC and a reason for the new customers to look this way for their new website.

The list of negatives regarding google cloud is not very long; actually, I only see one downside, which is the lack of personal support, which it was something Rackspace promoted and hands-down provided. After all, “Fanatical Support” is a trademarked RACKSPACE slogan.

On the other side of the coin, Google Cloud is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and solutions integration. Virtual machines, cloud MySQL instances, big data, uber secured environments.

Most of this tech jargon is mostly meaningless to clients, but it gives DRAFT LLC the security and assurance that we provide the best solutions hands-down in the maritime market. Whether the client is a fishing guide, a reel manufacturer, or a boat builder. DRAFT LLC has a convenient and practical solution for all of them.

Sergio Rodriguez